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Small group coverage is a great conversation for agents with current clients who own businesses, or as an excellent door-opener for prospective business owners. Ask us about carriers with small group plans starting at two members.

Through our many carriers you can review the need and cost of group term life, short and long term disability coverage as well as dental and vision benefits.

Group Term Life: includes simplified enrollment, guaranteed issue up to $50,000. for groups of two to nine lives, and accelerated death benefits for hospice care. You will also have access to coverage for groups up to 500 lives with expanded benefits for dependents, and much more flexible benefit schedules.

Group Short Term Disability: responds to the fact that everyone who needs a paycheck needs to protect it. This is easy, flexible and affordable income protection for short term illnesses and injuries. Typical maximum weekly benefit is $2,309 up to 70% of your income with partial and residual benefits available. Claim coverage will last a maximum 52 weeks in most cases.

Group Long Term Disability: one in three Americans will have a disability that will prevent them from working for 90 days or longer. One in seven can expect to be disabled five years or more. Financial hardship caused by the loss of income resulting from a disability is one of the primary causes of personal bankruptcy. A few points more to remember, there are NO earnings tests, maximum monthly benefits up to $24,000. elimination period from 30 days to 60 months, own occupation definition of disability in some cases with rate guarantees up to 3 years.

Group Dental Coverage: This benefit requires 10 or more employees to offer the greatest amount of benefits related to services such as preventive care (cleanings), basic care (pulled tooth) and major care (root canal). Dental coverage can be written on an individual basis with a reduced level of coverage and care.

Group Vision Care: Plans include coverage for a comprehensive eye exams, monitoring of medical conditions involving advanced vision issues and LASIK care. For the purchase of eyeware use the VSP network available throughout the United States. Eye exam frequency is every 12 Months and eyeware can be purchased every 24 months.